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Fashion Coach

A Day and a Time with Your Own Fashion Coach

 Take a trip with your own Fashion Coach and discover exciting styles and accessories that will transform your existing wardrobe, reduce your frustration and turn it into a fun and amazing experience

From the comfort of your home, a Fashion Coach will:

  • Discuss your lifestyle needs, the personal style you want to achieve and the different looks you require e.g. corporate, casual, party, formal and evening
  • Analyze your body shape, assess your current wardrobe and advise you on what to let go, what to keep and what to buy
  • Put outfits together which you may not have thought of yourself, saving you time and money
  • Give you tips on what shapes, styles and colors best suit your body shape – advice that will last a lifetime!

We work to the client’s budget and maximize their purchases. We are not affiliated with any stores; we take our clients to the best shops that suit their personality, style, body shape, age and budget.  Carma Couture’s wardrobe makeover is a fantastic style energizer, especially for those on a budget. The experience will leave you with a stylish set of outfits for every occasion, meaning you will look and feel fantastic every day!

The Fabulous Package (Services available in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area) $399

Can take up to 4 hours

  • Style Consultation (1hr)

  • Closet Detox/Evaluation (1hr)

  • Personal Shopping (2hrs)

Email us to receive The Fabulous Package,